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Written by Doc   
Thursday, 28 August 2008

TES Redguard PaladinName: Calvado

Played By: Decembrist

Race: Redguard

Class: Paladin

Birthsign: The Lady (+1 Will +2 Healing Surges)

Armor Prof: --

Weap Prof: --

Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +1 Will

Hit Points at 1st Level: 15 + Constitution score

Hit Points per Level Gained: 6

Healing Surges per Day: 10 + Constitution modifier

Class Features: Channel Divinity, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands

Channel Divinity

Once per encounter you can invoke divine power, filling yourself with the might of your patron deity.  With the divine might you invoke you can wield special powers, such as divine mettle and divine strength.  Some Paladins learn other uses for this feature.  Regardless of how many different uses for Channel Divinity you know, you can only use one such ability per encounter.  The special ability or power you invoke works just like your other powers.


Divine Challenge

The challenge of a paladin is filled with divine menace.  You can use the divine challenge power to mark and enemy of your choice.

  • You boldly confront a nearby enemy, searing it with divine light if it ignores your challenge.
  • At-Will ✦ Divine, Radiant
  • Minor Action, Close Burst 5
  • Target: One creature in burst
  • Effect: You mark the target.  The target remains marked until you use this power against another target, or if you fail to engage the target (see below).  A creature can only be subject to only one mark at a time.  A new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place.  While a target is marked, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls for any attack that does not include you as a target.  Also it takes radiant damage equal to  3+ your Charisma modifier the first time it makes an attack that doesn't include you as a target before the start of your next turn.  The damage increases to 6+ your Charisma modifier at 11th level, and 9+ your Charisma modifier at 21st level.  On your turn, you must engage the target you challenged, or challenge a different target.  To engage the target, you must either attack it or end your turn adjacent to it.  If none of the these events occur by the end of your turn, the marked condition ends and you can;t use divine challenge on your next turn.  You can use divine challenge once per turn.
  • Special: Even though this ability is called a challenge, it doesn't rely on the intelligence or language ability of the target.  It's a magical compulsion that affects the creature's behavior, regardless of the creature's nature.  You can't place a divine challenge on a creature that is already affected by your or another character's divine challenge.

Lay on Hands

  • Your divine touch instantly heals wounds.
  • At-Will (Special)✦ Divine, Healing
  • Special: You can use this power a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1), but only once per round.
  • Minor Action, Melee Touch

  • Target: One creature
  • Effect: You spend a healing surge but regain no hit points.  Instead, the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge.  You must have at least one healing surge remaining to use this power.


Trained Skills: Diplomacy (Cha), Endurance (Con), Insight (Wis), Religion (Int)

Size: Medium

Speed: 6

Vision: Normal


Languages: Common, Redguard

Homeland: Rihad, Hammerfell

Skill Bonus: +2 Athletics, +2 Diplomacy

Hardy: +5 to saves vs. poison

Healthy: +5 to saves vs disease

Adrenaline Rush: Racial Power


Adrenaline Rush

You take a quick breath and you're back in the fight.


Minor, Immedidiate Reaction

Trigger: When bloodied

Effect: You heal an amount equal to your second wind and gain +1 saving throws until the end of the encounter.

Ability Scores:

  • Strength: 14 (+2)

  • Constitution: 16 (+3)

  • Dexterity: 10 (+0)

  • Intelligence: 13 (+1)

  • Wisdom: 13 (+2)

  • Charisma: 16 (+3)

Important Stats:

  • Hit Points: 43

    • Bloodied: 21

    • Healing Surges: 15

  • Initiative: +1

  • Armor Class: 21 (19 w/o Shield)

  • Fortitude: 16

  • Reflex: 14

  • Will: 17

  • Perception

    • Passive Insight: 18

    • Passive Perception: 13


  • Restoration Journyman
  • Heal Minor Wounds
  • Your hands glow blue and a swirling, soothing, white aura surrounds you.
  • Encounter ✦ Prayer, Healing
  • Minor Action, Melee Touch or Self
  • Effect: You spend a healing surge, the target can make a saving throw or heal their healing surge amount.  They also heal additional hit points equal to your wisdom modifier for either choice they make.
  • Redguard Soldier

    • +2 damage/prof L. blades, Flail


  • Acrobatics (Dex) => +0

  • Arcana (Int) => +2

  • Athletics (Str) => +4

  • Bluff (Cha) => +4

  • Diplomacy (Cha) => +11

  • Dungeoneering (Wis) => +3

  • Endurance (Con) => +9

  • Heal (Wis) => +3

  • History (Int) => +2

  • Insight (Wis) => +8

  • Intimidate (Str/Cha) => +4

  • Nature (Wis) => +3

  • Perception (Wis) => +3

  • Religion (Int) => +7

  • Stealth (Dex) => +0

  • Streetwise (Cha) => +4

  • Thievery (Dex) => +0

At-Will Exploits

  • Bolstering Strike

  • Enfeebling Strike

Encounter Exploits:

  • Fearsome Smite

  • Invigorating Smite

Daily Exploit:

  • Paladin's Judgement

Utility Exploit:

  • Astral Speech


  • Heavy Resounding Flail +1

  • Flail: +4 prof, +2 damage
  • Resounding: Crit +1d6 Thunder
  • Daily: Free, on hit target is dazed until next turn
  • Heavy Shield

  • Sickle +1
  • Black Iron Dwarven +1

  • Black Iron: Resist 5 Fire/Necro
  • Amulet of Health +1

  • 300 GP

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