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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Ark of Truth has been unveiled - The Ori have fallen. Ba'al is dead, his clones hunted down and slain.

Now, finally, in the first time of relative peace since the destruction of the Gou'ald system lords,  The Tau'ri complete one of their most ambitious scientific project - X307 "Legacy-Class" starship.


Built using knowledge taken from the Asgard Computer, the Legacy-Class (Named to honor the fallen Asgard) is the most powerful ship in the Tau'ri fleet - Of greater size, speed, and power. Equipped with it's own Stargate, the ship is crewed and equipped for it's first voyage - Investigate a mysterious supergate dialing sequence found in a discovered ruin on Mount Olympus, Greece...


This is a Stargate RPG, hosted by Darr, using AEG's stargate d20 rules (see Doc or myself). Characters will be members of an on-ship deployment team, similar to an SG team back at stargate command. 28 point buy, you may play as Human, Tok'Ra, or Jaffa. "Mission Reports" will be posted here so you'll be able to catch up on missed sessions/stuff you may have forgotten.


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