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Written by Doc   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

When earth is sundered, and skies choked black
And sleepers serve the Seven Curses,
To the hearth there comes a stranger.
Journeyed far 'neath moon and star.

Though stark-born to sire uncertain,
His aspect marks his certain fate.
Wicked stalk him, righteous curse him.
Prophets speak, but all deny.

Many trials make manifest
The Stranger's fate, the curses' bane
Many touchstones try the stranger,
Many fall, but one remains.


The path your band of adventures tread is that of blood, war, and prophecy.  Many dangers lies ahead, many evils lurk in darkenss, sins thread through the tapestry of life, vice winds its way within the hearts of men and mer.  A wicked shadow looms ever closer as you venture forth into the world, the shadow of the Sixth House...

 Path of Prophecies start in the year of 427 of the Third Era, and requires a third level character picking your attributes via 25 point buy (instead of the usual 22 points).  We'll be employing the DnD 4th Edition system coupled with the TES house rules here .  If you wish to employ a homebrew class, feat, or other such element not included there, please contact Doc.

 As usual, this campaign will take place in #VERPG on, and I may employ maptool from time to time if I deem an encouter should use it.  This site will be used to provide references, logs, and other materials that relate to the campaign.

  •  Added Skill:Oblivion (WIS) - This works much in a similar manner to Nature (WIS), except on the planes of Oblivion.  It is class skill for Wizards, Warlocks, and Clerics.  (Also Class skill for Historians and Blue Mages).
  • Warlocks operate differently in TES, instead of forming pacts with simply 'dark powers' they will form pacts with Daedra.  Other than that cosmetic change, they should be fine.
  • The Blue Mage, Historian, and Barbarian are approved homebrew classes for TES: Path of Prophecy.
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